The Power Of Employee Endorsements

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram

Companies that have been in business for too long will begin to see that marketing strategy and messages have lost the initial effect it had on the people. Potential customers and clients go past the message without a second glance. They fail to grab the attention of the people.

However, when the message is given by the employee it has a different effect on people. Employee is not a brand. Thus the message has greater potency.

This is called employee advocacy or employee endorsement. It is when employees share the message of the company to their friends and social circle through media or other means. These messages are meant to increase brand awareness and generate sales leads. Employees sometimes endorse the company even without a system in place, but a systematic approach can bring about better results.

Even if you have a big marketing strategy in place, employee advocacy can bring in better results. Here are some of the benefits of employee endorsement:

Gain Trust And Confidence

Most marketing methods seem formal and mechanical. The message is given in a more personal and meaningful manner through employee advocacy. The recipients know the employee in real life and are more likely to trust a message given by them. This is a quick way to gain customer trust and confidence.

Employees Are More Committed

When employees are working for the coming and promoting its message and products, they become more invested in the wellbeing of the company. They will be more committed and interested in carrying out their duties. Almost all the employees who are part of the employee endorsement programme report that it has had a positive impact on their career.

Employees will be more focused on their contribution to the company. This will improve the overall productivity of the company.

Attract Various Talents

Happy employees mean better prospects. Satisfied employees say good things about the company and promote the message and goods of the company. Your company is seen as a great place to work at. This will attract more potential clients and employees to your company.

More people will be interested in working with you. Job seekers rely on the information and review provided by current employees of the company.

Marketing schemes and methods of advertising are changing drastically. Involving employees in the process will prove to be beneficial in the long run.

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