The Flexible Support Fund Dynamic Purchasing System 2

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram

The Flexible Support Fund Dynamic Purchasing System 2 (FSF DPS 2) is the replacement for the DWP Dynamic Purchasing System for provision of work-focused activities known as the Flexible Support Fund DPS (FSF DPS). 

The current FSF DPS will expire on 31st October 2021 and FSF DPS2 will replace it for new call-offs from 1st November 2021. We plan for the transition to be a smooth as possible but there will be some changes and actions to take for suppliers. Prior to the November launch the new DPS will open to suppliers to accredit in Autumn 2021 and to support this DWP will be holding a number of engagement events throughout August. These will cover the key changes and what suppliers will need to do to register and later bid for call-off contracts. 

Full details of the events and how to sign up can be found on the Prior Information Notice (PIN) here – FSF Dynamic Purchasing System 2 – For the Provision of Work Focused Activities. Project_23908 – Find a Tender (

Building on lessons learnt and supplier feedback on the existing DPS we are aiming to introduce a number of improvements. Full details on the DPS design will be provided in these sessions including key changes such as:

The introduction of a Request for Quote (RFQ) approach

An updated Employability Journey and Payment model

Streamlined accreditation process

New evaluation & supplier feedback approach for call-offs

All suppliers interested in joining FSF DPS2 will be required to register when the DPS is launched for accreditation applications, including suppliers who are already accredited to the existing FSF DPS. In the meantime, the existing FSF DPS continues to operate and remains open for applications and call-offs via the Jaggaer system.

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