phase 1: Revenue Growth Methodology

Perform a thorough examination of your markets, and your corporate, product, marketing, sales, and human resources strategy.

The Problem

  1. Revenue growth can be systematic….
  2. Understanding which levers to pull, in what order, to grow revenue can be confusing. Which inputs lead to which outputs? For example, a change to the product road map can require a change to the lead generation program and an alteration to the sales compensation plan. A change to the sales strategy can require the need for a new breed of sales person, and thus, a new HR strategy. And so it goes.
  3. Without a revenue growth methodology keeping each function in strategic alignment, revenue goals get missed.

The Solution

  1. Corporate Strategy- objectives, competition, and advantages.
  2. Product Strategy- portfolio, road map, pricing, profitability, messaging.
  3. Marketing Strategy- brand, campaigns, and budgets.
  4. Sales Strategy- organization, territories, quotas, compensation.
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