Select the right partners, gain their mindshare, and drive more revenue through your key partnerships.

A partner strategy ensures you have the right partners working for your company. This enables you to cover more of the market in a cost-effective way. Recruiting and enablement of the right partners requires improved mindshare.

Rapid Diagnostic

  1. A partner strategy is routinely used to manage your partner program.
  2. You have a dedicated partner management organization and budget that is sufficient enough to run a best-in-class partner program.
  3. You have defined your Ideal Partner Profile.
  4. Your Ideal Partner Profile was built using a research-based process.
  5. You have scored each partner relative to your Ideal Partner Profile.
  6. You have segmented your partners and selected the ideal partner based on revenue potential and alignment with your territory strategy.
  7. There is an enablement program in place that provides your partners with the tools to maximize revenue for your company’s products/solutions.
  8. The recruiting and onboarding process results in a short ramp-to-productivity timeline for your partners.
  9. The revenue contribution from your partners has increased year-over-year.
  10. Your partner program has led to lower Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).


  1. Ideal Partner Profile
  2. Partner Segmentation
  3. Partner Value Prop & Recruitment
  4. Partner Coverage Plan
  5. Partner Management Org Model & Talent
  6. Partner Marketing Interlock
  7. Partner Enablement
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