Deploy a consistent process to win more new logo deals, bigger new logo deals, more often.

A consistent opportunity management process allows repetition to turn into revenue. Having an opportunity management process also allows for best practices sharing and effective coaching. Sellers who consistently follow a process achieve results 20-25% higher than their peers.

Rapid Diagnostic

  1. You have a standardized new log opportunity management process that has been rolled-out to anyone who hunts.
  2. Your opportunity management process is consistently followed by all hunters.
  3. Your standardized opportunity management process is research based and aligns with how your buyers make purchase decisions.
  4. Your sales cycle length is shorter than your competitors.
  5. Your win rate is higher than your competitors.
  6. Your average deal size is higher than your competitors.
  7. Your sales team has access to all the necessary resources to execute the opportunity management process.
  8. All your Opportunity Management processes are embedded into your CRM system and actively used by Sales.
  9. Behavioral, Leading, and Lagging KPIs are used to indicate success and/or failure of your opportunity management process.
  10. A robust pipeline and forecasted process is used to advance opportunities through the opportunity management process.


  1. Sales Methodology
  2. Deal Desk Process
  3. Sales Playbooks
  4. Sales Job Aids
  5. Pipeline & Forecast Process
  6. Instructor Training Guides
  7. Coaching Playbook & Tools
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