Use technology to improve the speed of business and to make it easier to do business internally and externally.
Only pay for tools that drive revenue. Integrate all of your systems for seamless process across key functional areas. Improve selling time by automating activities with improved data visibility.

Rapid Diagnostic

  1. You have itemized all systems and services within your sales tech stack and integrated them with each other and with other critical systems outside of sales.
  2. You actively track utilization rate of the critical sales technology systems in which you have invested.
  3. Your sales technology tools are viewed as beneficial by the sales team.
  4. Sales Operations and Sales have agreed on the most important objectives of your sales technology strategy.
  5. Your current sales tech stack enables you to automate your compensation administration.
  6. Your current sales tech stack enables you to streamline your order management process.
  7. Your current sales tech stack enables you to effectively support your channel partner community.
  8. Your data is maintained on a regular basis and monitored for data cleanliness.
  9. You have an agreed upon method to rate the success of your company’s sales technology strategy to achieve these objectives of the sales group.
  10. The chosen technology is positively impacting the sales performance at your company.


  • Sales Systems Assessment
  • Value and Usage Assessment
  • Data Cleanliness Plan
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