Improve the efficiency of the sales team and provide insightful data.

Allows you to automate non-selling tasks and provide the right data at the right time to make the right decision.

Rapid Diagnostic

  1. Sales operations has a clear charter and is viewed as a key strategic function within the sales org.
  2. The sales operations team has a clear annual planning rhythm which provides coverage/territory data, headcount recommendations, and compensation plans before the new year starts.
  3. You have a data management plan and reporting structure that provides actionable insights to sales leadership on a regular or ad hoc basis.
  4. Sales dashboards are embedded into your CRM system and have been created using live data feeds.
  5. You follow a disciplined process for managing and reporting sales pipeline status.
  6. You follow a disciplined process for managing and reporting sales forecast status.
  7. A deal desk has been established where sales management can develop and execute win strategies customized for individual accounts.
  8. Selling time has increased because of current Sales Operations programs.
  9. Sales leadership has confidence in your forecast accuracy rate which enables better decision-making.
  10. You have a reliable quote to revenue process (includes sales, ops, finance, legal, etc.).


  1. Sales Operations Charter
  2. Data planning & Reporting Structure
  3. Dashboards
  4. Pipeline & Forecast Management Process
  5. Deal Desk Process
  6. Quote to Revenue Process
  7. Sales Operations Department Organization Design
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