Balance customer requirements, company revenue expectations and sales rep workload to grow revenues.

Everybody on the team can hit quota. Align A-Player talent to your best territories. Provide a data-driven approach to proactively attack accounts in your markets.

Rapid Diagnostic

  1. You have proper coverage, which allows your sales reps to spend the right amount of time on profitable customers and prospects.
  2. You believe you can find hidden sales opportunities by realigning territories.
  3. You have defined objective criteria to use when designing territories.
  4. You understand the workload requirements for each account and territory.
  5. You understand the “ideal territory workload” for each sales rep.
  6. You calculate and use account potential as a key input to your territory design methodology.
  7. You have a process to handle account and territory assignment changes without upsetting your customer.
  8. Your territories are dynamically realigned using reliable data with an intuitive process.
  9. Your territories are designed with balance and are properly aligned with quotas.
  10. Your best sales reps are assigned the territories with the most potential.


  1. Territory Design Methodology
  2. Workload Capacity Model
  3. Territory Potential and Goals
  4. Account Assignment by Territory
  5. Bottoms-up/Tops-down Modeling
  6. Transition and Communication Planning
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