phase 7: cross-functional interlock

Maintains alignment of your functional strategies to assure all groups are working together toward the same objective.

Market leading organizations not only have functional strategies, but they actively align them with each other. They maintain a regular communication cadence and actively adjust their strategies to reflect the current and future needs of the market. This leads to increased transparency between groups and increased revenue.

Rapid Diagnostic

  1. You have a documented go-to-market strategy.
  2. You have documented functional strategies.
  3. Your documented strategies are short and easy to consume (i.e. one or two pages).
  4. You update your strategy on a quarterly basis.
  5. Your corporate strategy dictates the direction of each functional strategy.
  6. The functional leaders actively align with each other with weekly meetings.
  7. Even your field-level employees understand the company strategy and how to execute their day-to-day tasks to achieve it.
  8. Your functional teams hold daily 15-minute calls to assure daily alignment of activities to corporate strategy.
  9. Your company-wide objectives are quantified and shared via weekly reports and dashboards.
  10. The management team holds a quarterly business review to assess the prior quarter performance and to define the plan for the next quarter.


  1. One-page Strategic Plan
  2. Weekly Alignment
  3. Monthly Stoplight/Reporting
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