phase 6: development

Documents the direction of the company from the philosophical vision to the market-facing brand. Development is an input into Planning and is maintained through Strategic Interlock.

A sound go-to-market strategy provides clarity of direction to your employees and to the market you serve. A clear vision of the future dictates strategic decision-making. Values that define how each individual should behave will have a positive impact on morale and performance. This ultimately leads to a positive brand image, engaged employees, and a superior customer experience.

Rapid Diagnostic

  1. You have defined the driving force and philosophies behind why your company exists.
  2. You have a clear vision of what your company ultimately wants to achieve.
  3. You have stories of employees who are inspired by the company vision.
  4. You have a documented set of values that dictate your rules of engagement within your company.
  5. Your values are integrated into how you hire and manage through your Talent Strategy.
  6. You have defined how you plan to serve your Buyers.
  7. When your Buyers wear your company name, they understand what it symbolizes.
  8. Your products live up to your brand promise.
  9. Your company-wide objectives are specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time bound.
  10. The objectives of your functional strategies are aligned with your corporate objectives.


  1. Mission Statement
  2. Future Vision Definition
  3. Values List and Definitions
  4. Brand Definition
  5. Documented Corporate Strategy & Objectives
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