phase 3: analysis and reporting

Process to analyze the insights collected from the market.

Insights alone are not enough for success. This is only the beginning. They must be analyzed. This provides management with the tools to prioritize ideas into the ones that are feasible and will provide a return on investment.

Rapid Diagnostic

  1. A prioritization standard has been developed and applied to all insights collected.
  2. A team of reviewers has been assembled from key functional teams to conduct the analysis of collected insights.
  3. A standard process is followed to review collected insights.
  4. A set of hypotheses are validated/invalidated when analyzing the insights
  5. Your team analyzes collected insights and provides an executive summary to the leadership team.
  6. There is a clear distinction between what has been reviewed, accepted, and rejected.
  7. An action plan has been developed that provides a clarity as to the recommended next steps after insights have been analyzed.
  8. You have developed reports and/or dashboards that summarize the analysis collected.
  9. You have identified the recipients of the analysis and reports.
  10. Your analysis and reports are web-based and easy to access.


  1. Insights Review Process
  2. Data Management Plan
  3. Insights Action Plan
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