phase 10: go-to-market resource management

Allocates your go-to-market resources to execute the strategic plan.

Strategic execution starts with the C-Level leadership team. This means the leadership team must be equipped to accomplish the tasks at hand. With the right skill set and budget allocation, resources are allocated properly. This leads to reduced budget waste and increased probability to make your number.

Rapid Diagnostic

  1. You have defined your go-to-market leadership organizational structure.
  2. Your go-to-market structure includes a Customer Experience leader.
  3. You have defined the attributes of an A Player executive leader.
  4. You assess the capabilities and accountabilities of your leadership team more than once per year.
  5. You allocate people, money, and time based upon what is outlined in your corporate strategy.
  6. You use an activities-based budgeting methodology when allocating resources to your strategic initiatives.
  7. You have a succession plan in place to replace leaders when they leave or are moved into a new role.
  8. You actively nurture your network and develop a bench of potential leaders that can be recruited when the need arises.
  9. Your go-to-market resource plans are managed on a quarterly basis to reflect the current needs of the business.
  10. You actively monitor Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) by market segment, product, and sales channel.


  1. Go-To-Market Organizational Design
  2. Leadership Capabilities & Accountabilities Assessment
  3. Executive Talent Search
  4. Go-to-Market Budget Allocation
  5. Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) by market segment, product, sales channel
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