phase 2: digital planning

Leveraging digital channels to reach customers and promote your brand.

Digital marketing can enhance your reach to a larger more targeted audience, which leads to increased brand awareness, lead generation, and lead conversion. The best digital strategies are developed with inputs from brand research and a deep understanding of buyer expectations. Integration across all channels is critical and will improve data collection and campaign conversion metrics.

Rapid Diagnostic

  1. You have a strategic plan for messaging and communicating with your prospects and customers across digital channels and devices.
  2. Your content is contextualized for each channel and buyer.
  3. Your digital performance needs dictate your digital budget.
  4. Your channels and segments are clearly defined based on customer behaviors and expectations.
  5. You can identify and track your customer’s digital touchpoints.
  6. You have an integrated digital marketing technology architecture.
  7. You have sufficient resources to develop, launch and analyze your marketing campaigns.
  8. Your digital insights and analytics strategy is supported by the executive team.
  9. You leverage real-time analytics to proactively adjust campaign performance.
  10. You have integrated your digital marketing initiatives with complimentary marketing and sales strategies.


  1. Digital Marketing Assessment
  2. Digital Marketing Strategy
  3. Digital Marketing Roadmap
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