phase 15: marketing tech stack

Build a scalable technology ecosystem to support the digital and decision-making needs of the Marketing team.

Software innovation and platform proliferation has changed marketing forever. Cloud-based offerings are easy for Marketing teams to buy and use. These tools need to be integrated and the integrity of the data collected needs to be maintained. When done well, the investments lead to data-driven decisions. It provides the team with real-time information, so they can adjust course as needed to meet the changing needs of the Buyer.

Rapid Diagnostic

  1. You have documented and maintain a marketing technology strategy.
  2. Marketing collaborates with the Chief Information Officer (CIO) to design the marketing technology strategy.
  3. You have documented an integrated marketing technology roadmap.
  4. When selecting technology partners, you use a comprehensive scorecard to assess the features and benefits.
  5. Your technology is clustered by marketing function. (i.e., lead management, content).
  6. You have organized your technology by sequence inside the buyer’s journey (i.e., awareness, lead nurture, sales conversion).
  7. Your marketing technologies integrated with other critical systems outside of marketing.
  8. There any manual processes required to bridge some capabilities.
  9. You invest and upgrade technologies each year to more advanced systems.
  10. You use a data cleanliness plan to maintain accurate and up-to-date data.


  1. Buy versus Build versus Outsource Assessment
  2. Technology Roadmap & System Map
  3. Marketing Automation Plan
  4. Website Optimization Plan
  5. Web Analytics
  6. Marketing Analytics
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