phase 13: field marketing

Integrate corporate Marketing with Sales by executing marketing tactics in the field.

Corporate programs without localization fail to produce revenue. Each region is different, and each message and program need to be adjusted to meet the needs of the different customer types. Field marketing is the connective tissue between corporate and the field. Marketing budgets are best utilized when the field positively influences the corporate Marketing Strategy.

Rapid Diagnostic

  1. Field Marketing has a set of revenue-based outcomes they must achieve on a quarterly basis.
  2. Field Marketing activities are selected based on the expected Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI).
  3. Your Field Marketing team has a defined strategic focus that is aligned with Marketing and Sales.
  4. Your Field Marketing team has its own objectives-based budget.
  5. Field Marketing play an active strategic role between Corporate, Sales, and Marketing.
  6. Field Marketing engages in a two-way dialogue with prospects when executing its tactics.
  7. Marketing tailors its messaging on the field level depending upon location and event.
  8. Field Marketing actively provides feedback collected in the field back to the Corporate Marketing team.
  9. Sales utilizes Field Marketing on a regular basis and is satisfied with the support provided.
  10. Underperforming Field Marketing activities are immediately cut from the budget.


  1. Field Marketing Plan (includes Roles & Objectives)
  2. Localized Campaign Execution Plan
  3. Geo/Industry-Specific Content Plan
  4. Local/Regional Event and Conference Plan
  5. Local/Regional Association Plan
  6. Local Sales Enablement Plan
  7. Field Marketing Scorecard
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