phase 11: marketing roles & responsibilities

Determine the right roles, number of headcount, and organizational chart required to run a best-in-class marketing team.

Outstanding, highly specialized marketing talent is needed to execute a best-in-class strategy. A-Player marketers become deeply engaged with your brand and become revenue generators instead of cost centers. When the right talent is matched with the right role productivity increases, and revenue growth accelerates.

Rapid Diagnostic

  1. You have A-player role descriptions for each position on the Marketing organizational chart.
  2. You know the % distribution of A/B/C players on the Marketing team.
  3. You assess the talent on your Marketing team more than one time per year.
  4. The assessment process extends into the hiring process, so you only bring in A-player talent into the organization.
  5. All your A-Players are reaching their full potential and have access to optimal performance conditions.
  6. Newly onboarded marketing employees become fully productive within 3 months.
  7. Your hiring profiles are designed based on research and address the current needs of your markets, accounts, and buyers.
  8. Your role profiles are built upon the modern skills required to accomplish current and future marketing objectives.
  9. You have defined evaluation criteria to assess the performance of the current Marketing team.
  10. Your compensation plans are competitive and are designed to retain your top Marketing talent.


  1. Assessment of Existing Marketing Talent
  2. Marketing Org Chart
  3. Roles and Responsibilities
  4. Buy versus Build versus Outsource Assessment
  5. Headcount Plan
  6. Compensation Benchmarks and Plans for Each Role
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